Tastings/ little Kitchen (cold plate)

Our cold dishes to delight your palate and discover our most authentic flavors


Tris di Crudi
(Ham, culatella, toasted bread with little tatters of Montagnana's ham)
Piatto della Casa
(Ham, brie cheese,grilled vegetables, toasted breads with bacon)
asting of Ham

Piatto Montanaro
(salame,porchetta,asiago cheese, toasted bread with mushrooms)

Cheese Tasting with marmelade

Bowl of hot cheese and mushrooms

Insalatona Inverno (Winter salad).
(chicory,olives, culatella and Parmesan chips)

Addition of the typical bread of the venetian tradition (schizzotto) on request


Menu Montagnanese
(Ham, porchetta, bread, glass of wine, coffee)
Menu Duomo
(culatella, salame, asiago cheese, parmesan cheese,bread,glass of wine,coffee)
Menu dei Sapori di Montagna
(cheese from Asiago Upland, toasted bread with mushrooms,bread,glass of wine,coffee)


Unforgettable moments in a unique city. All the images of the dishes and tastings are designed and prepared in our restourant.




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